What if the big bad timelord is just afraid of the dark
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What if there was nothing.
What if there was never anything.
Nothing under the bed.
Nothing at the door.
What if, the big bad timelord, doesn’t want to admit he’s just afraid of the dark.

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I will never get over sams gravity defying hair

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So I couldn’t find any gifs of the 2 people walking into the barn. But just for a moment I want you all to forget the books, the audios & everything coz hear me out. Presuming their his parents then I believe part of the reason The Doctor hates soldiers so much is coz his Dad was one. 

I reckon his Dad was very distant & didn’t care to much about The Doctor & it feels he’d rather have wanted The Doctor to join the army rather then become a Time Lord. Quite possibly he felt the same towards his own wife though coz she’s clearly spoken to him about this before & he seems to have not listened.

Dad: "He can’t just run away crying all the time if he want’s to join the army".
Mum: "He doesn’t want to join the army, I keep telling you!"
Dad: "He’s not going to the Academy is he though? He’ll never make a Time Lord".

Read into it anyway you like but I honestly believe The Doctor had a shitty Dad/ Father figure. He didn’t believe in The Doctor’s dreams of becoming a Time Lord. He didn’t say anything comforting to him when he was crying, it was his Mum that did. I think this is why he hates soldiers, coz he only saw his Dad as a soldier. 

He’s not going to the academy, is he? He’ll never make a time lord.
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"He’ll never make a Time Lord!"


that one moment when I stopped breathing and thought I heard it wrong